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Find the Best Wine For You

Looking for a versatile wine that can be enjoyed year-round? Look no further than My Wine Canada’s selection of Rosé wine! Made from dark-skinned grapes, rose wine undergoes a shorter maceration process than red wines, resulting in a refreshing and zippy taste that pairs well with a variety of dishes. Whether you’re serving up a light summer salad or a hearty steak dinner, our options of Rosé wine is sure to please.

My Wine Canada is an online wine and spirits store that enables you to shop for and buy products from Canada's top wineries and distilleries. This means you can learn about and buy the very best Canadian wine and spirits online, anytime, without going anywhere. Our process is very simple: just pick it, ship it and sip it. Whether you're a wine lover or a spirit connoisseur, we have something for everyone.

My Wine Canada is the perfect way to discover premium Canadian wines. Each month, we select a different winery to showcase their top selections, so you can explore new tastes and find your new favourite. Sign up for our Wine of the Month Club today and get exclusive, premier wines delivered right to your door. With included information, pairing recommendations and even reviews from our Canadian wine experts, My Wine Canada is the perfect way to improve your wine knowledge and explore the best that Canadian wineries have to offer.



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