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Here are people who have shared their experiences

Thank you for for all of the amazing reviews and allowing me into your lives. I love to hear from all adoptees and families I have treated over the years. Together we have made a difference in the life of a child and I will continue to support adoptees and foster youth alumni with the lifelong experience of foster care and/or adoption.

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Adoption Therapist in Los Angeles

Cha'Lyn, Adoptee

Thank you. You have allowed me the space to find my voice and now I will be able to share my journey with others. Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re changing lives. I never knew my life could be so good and genuinely happy, deep down to my core. It’s so beautiful. 
Customer since August 2020

Adoption Therapists in Los Angeles

Samantha, Parent

Jeannette is a godsent. She is so  knowledgeable, energetic and emphatic. She understands the issues of foster care and adoption because she has lived experience. I always appreciate YOU and YOUR guidance!! Thank you for always being there for me and our family. we couldn't do this with out you. Customer since June 2014

Open Adoption Support

Janice, Adoptee

I cannot thank you enough. I attended my first all adoptee session at Celia Center and it was amazing. You are to be congratulated, as it was attended by people from all across the US. 

You shine your light so brightly and I am so fortunate to have you as my guide.

Customer since July 2016

Adoption Therapist in Los Angeles


I am always inspired by what
you share in your trainings..
You have so much insight on adoptees and foster care which only someone with lived experience can have. You are important in this world
and You matter. 

Customer since August 2020

Adoption Therapists in Los Angeles

Diana, Birth Parent

When I found my birth son I contacted you. I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to help me through this process. I continue to watch your YouTube channel and it has helped me a lot so thank you for all that you do, and I am sure others do appreciate the work you do. Once again thank you. Customer since June 2021

Open Adoption Support

Laurie, Parent

Jeanette does a beautiful job of de-stigmatizing adoption,
and, most importantly,
reinforces positive messages that help adoptees feel understood and loved. I wish
I’d had her adoption book
"What is Adoption?" when
my son, who was adopted,
was little!  Customer since July 2012

Adoption Therapist in Los Angeles

Talia, Parent

Jeanette is wonderful with kids and creates a safe place for children to explore their feelings. Our family consults Jeanette periodically throughout the year on various issues that arise.
Her caring and open approach has been pivotal in my daughter's development. Customer since August 2020

Adoption Therapists in Los Angeles

Alicia, Parent

Jeannette is a knowledgeable, energetic and emphatic professional. She understand the issues of foster care and adoption from inside out. I have been following her work for the last 8 years. I always had excellent experiences and her professional interventions are assertive and provide results. Customer since June 2018

Open Adoption Support

Tory, Adoptee

I first met Jeanette at a training she gave at work six years ago, and was just blown away by her vulnerability, expert knowledge, and wisdom! Over the years I have enjoyed learning from her and feel so blessed we have someone like her as an expert in the field of foster care and adoption! Customer since July 2015

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