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Jeanette Yoffe is frequently requested to speak in the media on many different topics related to Adoption and Foster Care. She speaks, as a former foster youth and adoptee expert, community leader, as well as educating and advocating to foster change in the child welfare system today.

Visit her Foster Care & Adoption YouTube channel HERE.

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REFRAMING COVID19: Coping On With Vigilance, Insight & Direction 19 Ways by Jeanette Yoffe M.F.T.

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Cope On With Vigilance, Insight and Direction 19 Ways
While regaining focus and control may feel like an uphill battle for all of us at this time, moving through overwhelm is possible when you step back and truly consider your options and possible actions. Focus your energy and attention on what you do have control of, can give yourself permission to do and let go of what no longer serves your growth. A Mantra for all of us: I do feel helpless knowing I have no control of the COVID19 virus but I do have control of making choices to manage my reaction to it":

Did you know we make up to 35,000 choices daily?

  1. You are in control of washing your hands with soap and water or using sanitizer for 20 seconds before and after touching items that are used by others.

  2. You are in control of wearing disposable gloves in stores when touching items. Then dispose of the gloves or purchase reusable dish gloves and wash them with soap and water. It's your choice.

  3. You are in control of wearing a mask if you prefer. COVID19 is believed to be spread through droplets of water so sneeze in your elbows to help prevent germs from going into the air or on things. If you are ill please wear a mask to protect others.

  4. Give yourself permission to cry. It is OK and necessary! Crying naturally releases the stress hormone cortisol from our bodies. This is stressful, it's okay to feel the stress and release it.

  5. Give yourself permission to exercise. You can walk in the park they are open! take a bike ride or run outside or blast some music and just dance for 20 minutes. This will help release endorphins which help you to feel better.

  6. Give yourself permission to boost your immunity. Take Vitamin C daily.

  7. Give yourself permission to finally do some Yoga. Watch this simple 6-minute video HERE.

  8. Give yourself permission to finally practice deep breathing. Inhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, exhale until you feel the tension in your stomach and keep releasing until you must breathe again. Trust me it resets the nervous system!

  9. Give yourself permission to meditate. Watch this simple 3-minute video HERE

  10. Give yourself permission to make a list of positive affirmations that support your growth. Watch video HERE

  11. Give yourself permission to get sufficient sleep. Do deep breathing as shown above to get to sleep faster and easier.

  12. Give yourself permission to laugh and watch a comedy show or movie. Not “Outbreak!”

  13. Give yourself permission to have gratitude, love, and appreciation to gain balance on this tightrope of life. Name 3 things as you finish this sentence.

  14. Give yourself permission to write and journal your feelings and thoughts. The very act of writing something down helps to de-clutter the mind.

  15. Give yourself permission to reorganize your life and clear out items that no longer serves your growth.

  16. Give yourself permission to take the time to learn a new recipe and cook something new.

  17. Give yourself permission to Smile. Just because you can!

  18. Give yourself permission to listen to music that is soothing and calming to you. Classical music by Mozart HERE has been found to calm the nervous system.

  19. Know that just as hard as you are working as a student, a parent or role at your job, there are scientists right now working just as hard to find a cure. This too shall pass, this too shall pass. ❤️

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