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Jeanette Yoffe is frequently requested to speak in the media on many different topics related to Adoption and Foster Care. She speaks, as a former foster youth and adoptee expert, community leader, as well as educating and advocating to foster change in the child welfare system today.

Visit her Foster Care & Adoption YouTube channel HERE.

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How to Explain Adoption to a Child by Jeanette Yoffe M.F.T.

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

"Sometimes families just can't live together and a plan for adoption is made...." is the beginning of the children's book I made for children who were adopted titled: "What is Adoption? For Kids" now on Amazon.

I am an adoptee and an adoption competent psychotherapist working in the field of child welfare for over 18 years now. What I have come to know, is children don't have a context as to "why they were adopted?" and "what happened to their birth family?" and most importantly don't understand "how this experience will effect how they feel about themselves" and "how to make sense."

When I was a child, no one explained to me what happened to my birth family until I was 17 years old!!! I was filled with ambiguous loss and did not know how to process having been adopted, let alone the reason why I was in foster care for 6 years.

So, this is what inspired to make an animation for children.

Here are 3 interventions I developed to use with children, like in the video help them learn to acknowledge, identify, and cope with their feelings. I also encourage parents to provide these skills for their child at home DIY because ....

"Even if they are not talking about their birth family, does not mean they are not thinking about them."

Click on link to see instructions for the intervention:

My Sad Bag for Parents BLOG with VIDEO

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